The 7 Major Steps To Get Your Song Ready For The Radio
Follow these 7 steps to get your music heard!
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Little-Known Industry Secrets for radio Success
When it comes to producing commercial music, there are a few secrets you want to know! These tips skyrocketed my songwriting and help me put some big radio tracks together!
Why some 'good' songs never get heard
Gathering from my knowledge of writing a dozen top 5 billboard hit singles and two No. 1 hit radio songs. With Over 20 years of putting music on the radio. I'm giving you the strategies that really work
Create A Musical Masterpiece From Scratch
While your music may already be amazing, attaining commercial success is a whole different thing. There are so many angles to creating a billboard hit besides just making great music. And you want to know this stuff!
"  Some 20 years ago, I never thought it would be possible to write my own billboard No. 1 Hit song. But Yes it did happen! 

I've since went on to write more then a dozen top five singles on the Billboard Chart. Now my new passion is to share these ideas with inspiring songwriters like yourself! "
-Jackiem Joyner, 
Los Angeles, CA
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